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rischeBARRISOL® Stretch Ceilings - Haute Couture for Buildings

The ultimate in beautiful, brilliant value stretch fabric walls and ceilings - for architects, designers and developers.

  • Save time and money on ceiling fitting and installation.
  • Choose from an amazing variety of designs – or design your own.
  • +20 year lifespan

When only the best is good enough but you don’t want to have to blaze through your budget to have it. When you project demands next level inspiration or the last word in creative installation. When time and budget are the enemy, or unique is the key... then choose rischeBARRISOL® stretch fabric walls and ceilings.

So flexible, so original, so... right, that there could be more than 30 million square metres of Barrisol already installed worldwide... and you probably wouldn’t even know it.

Good looking walls and stretch ceilings never looked so good... or offered such fantastic value.

Call us first for all your stretched ceiling and wall solutions on 0161 877 6200

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